Thursday, 10 September 2015

Monday September 21 sees our return to normal. Normal? What's normal? Our normal is a full schedule of physical activities to suit different tastes and lifestyles. Three mornings a week we enjoy fit and fun classes. Two evenings a week we have time efficient, personalised circuit training (no machines). Monday morning and evening and Tuesday evening we have yoga. We are pleased to offer all our classes at the Lloyd Memorial Centre, Kingsport.

Strength and Cardio Fitness: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-10 am. Each class includes balance, strength and endurance training, warm up, cool down and stretching. This is a community class for everyone; all equipment provided, an ideal way to get energised for the day! Drop-in fee: $4.00 a class or $25 for 8 classes. First class free! Instructor: Christine Heap.

Co-Ed Circuit Training: Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-6:30 pm. First class Tuesday September 22. This is a great strength training workout with cardiovascular benefits and fits well into a busy lifestyle. If your aim is to increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance, lose body fat and tone the body, this is the class for you! Drop-in fee $4 or $25 for 8 classes. Instructors: Christine Heap and Melanie Amos.

Gentle Yoga, all levels: Monday September 21 10:15-11:15 am. A slow paced class, we work on increasing strength, flexibility, balance and range of motion, while becoming aware of the breath and mindfulness. You learn the fundamental yoga postures while emphasizing safe alignment in a fun, relaxed environment. $42 for 6 classes or $7.50 drop in. Instructor: Melanie Amos.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga, all levels: Monday September 21, 5:30-6:45 pm. Focusing on safe alignment, you move through the yoga postures gaining core strength, balance and flexibility while using the breath and calming the mind. $45 for 6 classes or $10 drop in. Instructor: Melanie Amos

Men's Yoga, all levels: Tuesday September 22, 4-5 pm. This gentle, stimulating class works on the basic yoga postures while increasing flexibility, balance and range of motion in a relaxed supportive atmosphere. $45 for 6 classes or $10 drop in. Instructor: Melanie Amos.

Other activities at the Lloyd Memorial Centre, Kingsport. Tuesday morning Tai Chi at 9:00 am: for details please contact Merle MacDonald (902 582 7279). Therapeutic Yoga meets Sivananda, instructor: Jennifer White. One two hour session ($10) date tbc October. Please contact for details. Jennifer led our popular Therapeutic Yoga classes two years ago and has since studied Sivananda Yoga and would like to share her yoga practice with you!

Valley Harvest Marathon: Kingsport Fitness and Wellness Society is a not-for-profit society and we aim to make all our programs affordable. To do this we fundraise and volunteer. Every year, we volunteer for the Valley Harvest Marathon. This is a wonderful event attracting hundreds of runners and all we do is hand out water! (and shout and cheer) If you have enjoyed our low-price classes and would like to support us, please join in the Harvest fun. As always, the marathon is run on Thanksgiving weekend. Contact Melanie Amos for details. Updates and cancellations are on our facebook page: Kingsport Fitness and Wellness Society and blog: Or call Melanie (902 582 7700) or Christine (902 692 8277).

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