Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Plant and Bake Sale

The waiting is over! Spring is here! Once again we are fortunate that Tim Amos will be donating plants from the Kingstec Greenhouse to add a bit of sparkle to our plant sale, which this year will be held on Saturday May 3 from 8-11am.

We will also be hosting a bake table.

Yes, this is a shout out for volunteers. Why? because it's fun; because we can keep our programmes cheap with fundraisers; because there are so many of us who never meet up because we exercise at different times.

What help do we need?

Plants - yes I know that's obvious, but a plant sale does need plants from your garden (and your neighbour's garden). Label them please with a popsicle stick or a sticky label on the pot detailing the height, colour and name.

Spare flats/trays are always helpful.

Cakes, bread, muffins, cookies, mmm...

Set-up: meet at the Lloyd Memorial Centre 4.30pm Friday. If you can't come at that time but have plants to donate, please drop them off at Merle's.

Help on the day and please tell your friends, neighbours, co-workers about this.

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